Ramadhan n Final exam mode....

sori my to all my friends that reading my blog coz long time i'm not update my blog..

currently i'm very busy with the assign (so ma
ny that must complete it in the short time)..
final exam is just around the corner,
but i dont start study yet..
hope i can finish my assign quick, so that i can focus to final exam only..
however, the quicker that i want to finish it, many 'dugaan' came up..
now, i have a fever..

an also my PC broken..
may be it jealous, that I bought my sis laptop a new mouse (want to do my CAD design).
so the next day that i bought the mouse, I cannot "ON" my PC...
many important software and document in that PC..
arghhh, tension nyer.. =(
I currently don't have enough money to repair it..
so i have to redo my assign n lab report..
and also install a new copy of software in my sis laptop..

may be Allah want to show me the meaning of being patience..
not many people that lucky like me..
that have enough food and drinks ..
have a shelter..
So in this Ramadhan, I hope that i gain 'hidayah'
"Ya Allah, Ya tuhanku, berikanlah aku dan sahabat2ku hidayah supaya kami tergolong dalam hamba2 yang sering berjihad di atas jalanMU. Semoga kami di tempatkn dlm golongan yg Engkau redhai... Amin"