Personality Plus

I'm currently in mood for reading a book..

This book title is "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer.
I think this is the first time i read a book like this. (clap3)
Actually, I over heard about this book from one of my friend.. (curik2 dgr.. hehehe..)
My friend said that "This book is one of the interesting book he ever read".
I don't know why I so interest from reading this book..
because, before this I not the reading type of people..
And always get sleepy after I read several pages.. (huhuhu)

This book is about to understand other people by understanding yourself.
It distribute our character by 4 personality:

1) Popular Sanguine
     - This people are the one who always keep on talking and always get the attention from other people.

2) Perfect Melancholy
     - This type of people is thinking type, who always want the perfection. However, when he/she get depressed, it will take a long time before he/she forget about it.

3)  Powerful Choleric
      - People in this catagory is the people who born to be the leader. They is the type who like to organize and making decision.

4) Peaceful Phlegmatic
     - This people is the type who balance the 3 other personality. They are people who don't care about something. The always try to be humble and only give an opinion when they being asked to.

It really interesting book..
Now, I only finish the 3 chapter in this book..
may be during my holiday I can finish it.. (jgn hangat2 taik ayam dh la.. huhuhu).

p/s: I'm in Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic person.. (when I take a test).. but I think I more towards Peaceful Phlegmatic type.. =)

The End of Final Exam...

This semester, my exam during the HARI RAYA..

I have only have 3 days for "beraya"..
then I have to study..
Is very hard actually when we are in "raya mood" for study..
In the exam, I always forgot an importan
t formula..
It really make me upset..
May be I don't really study hard enough..
Arghhh, tensiooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...
Now only 1 more paper to go..
I hope I can do really well in this paper..

so, I need to study right now..
n hope all the paper, I can get enough mark.. Amin..