Salam Maal Hijrah

ermm.. It feel like the time goes faster than a bullet train.
Without realizing, we have came to the end of the year.
However, In Islamic month, we have already in the new yeareve.
Throughout this year, we already overcome some sweet memories, some sad, some pain, some happiness.
All the event, will make us being a better person day by day.
If I have a power to stop the time, may be I will stop the time or slow the time so that I never leave this year.

But we need to faced the future that full of uncertainty.
All the memories that I get in this year, I hope is enough for to faced the future.
I got friends that always been beside me.
Thank you guys for sharing the happiness and the sadness together..
May Allah bless you all.

In this new year, I wish that:
Healthy throughout the year.
Hope to become a stronger person, in and out.
Hope that I will become a good child.
Always can overcome all the solution.
Hope I will become a reliable person.
Hope that I will never hurt anybody.
n hope that I can be somebody in someone heart.. ;)

p/s: Actually I want to put one picture with all of my friend in it, but all my picture in the external h/disk. May be next time I will update the new picture...

Alamak, aku kena Tag..

1.what are u wearing right now?
Green T-Shirt with kain pelikat... (br lepas solat.. )

2.what (is)are your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is blue like a ocean..

3.who is your first best friend?
ermmm... I think Afendi B Jaton, my best friend when I little and until now..

4.any book that you read currently?
MOM (Manufacturing & Operation Management).. ( Exam.. huhuhu..)

5.anyone that you miss currently?
May be.. hehehe.. :p

6.what is your favourite tv shows?
I think programme about Malaysian Parliament.. So, funny to see the YB fight with each other.. hahaha...

7.3 things that you are passionate about:
Eating.. hahaha.., then, melalak ngan sepenuh hati and sleep... hahahaha...

8. one word to describe yourself:
Shy... may be because my name is Syaiful (shy-full)... hehehe..

p/s: sape2 yg bc sile wat tag ni yer.. jgn nk ngade2.. hahaha..

Watching A Star..

Previous weekend, I came back to my hometown because my sis engagement. (amik berkat..hahaha). On the way back home, I saw the sky is clear fill by a lot of stars. I'm so amazed (subhanallah) and realized that it has been so long that I saw that amazing view. I don't know why I so excited, it feel like I'm being born again in this world. All the problems seem to go away.
Such a wonderful. Since that night, I always wacthing a sky at night and wondering when I will see the wonderful view again... :-)

haa, for my sis engagemant, all according to plan (Alhamdulillah). In this engagement event, the theme is red colour (may be because christmas is coming.... hahaha). My sis wearing red kebaya (I think if my sis have beard, she can be a Santa Claus for this christmas.. hahaha.. Just joking). There are 9 "hantaran" for my sis side, and 7 for her fiancee. All the event, alhamdulillah work so smoothly. However, I think is like a marriage event because my parents invite so many people including "org kampung" and also have a "souvenier". My brother also feel the same way that I think. He said "ada ke patut, org tunang pn kasi souvenier".. huhu..
May be my parents overreact because this is the first time people come to my home for the engagement.
I wish all the best for my sis and her fiancee and hope that they will marry soon because so excited to have "abg ipar" n may be "anak buah".. hehehe..


I don't what to update in my blog right now.
So, I just talk about the movie that I want to watch.


- This movie about Vampire falling in love with human. This story was taken from the novel "twilight" by Stephanie Mayer. Some of my friends said that it very interesting movie but some said this movie was to slow. Ermmm, hope I can see this movie very soon.

2. Los dan Faun

- This movie is about a person lost his expensive watch. it said that this film is "very sewel" movie by afdlin Shauki (one of the person that I admire). I think it will become a funny and interesting movie in this year. So, excited to wacth it but don't know when? huhuhu...

3. Transporter 3

- Based on the other transporter film before this. I hope this movie will like before, full in action with car casses , gun fire n explosion. I like the way John Stanham driving a car. very cool..

This are the three movie that I want to watch but don't know when? huhuhu..
So, if there anyone also want to see any of this movie, just inform me, okay..

p/s: Yamaha LC, dh sampai. Myvi on the way. But currently, I dream to ride VIVA (kaler hitam rs nyer).. Bile la tuan nyer nk kasi naik kn? *still wondering*.. hehehe..