Malaysian Artist For Unity

nice song from our Malaysian Artist..
Who said our people don't have talents??
There are a lot of Malaysia's Artist that have quality like foreign artist..
Please support our local artist...
free download this mp3 and video at:
(don't worry this song is free)

p/s: sokonglah artist kita, kalo kita x sokong mereka, sape lg..

This month..

For me, this month is not very great for me..
A lot have happened, but not all the bad things happened,
there also sweet memory in it..
This month, my feeling is like an nuclear weapon,
unstable n just waiting a time to blow..
I'm don't have the mood to study,
n a little bit sensitive ( may be a lot )..
Just want to "mencarut"(ima,2008).. hehehe.. =p
don't know why I don't have the mood..
may be my mood is wandering around in melaka,
or it been practicing for olympic 2008 i guess..
right now, I still searching and waiting for my mood to come back..
if u guys seen my mood, contact me, okay..

p/s: life is not always that we wanted it to be..

Updated the blog..

dh lame dh aku x update blog ni..
sbnrnyer x de idea nk tulis pe..
But now, I think I try to write english in this blog..
just trying to improved my english..
If anything grammar or words that is wrong, just comment it..
Then I try to change it..
right now still no idea to write..
so for my friends that read my blog please wait for the latest blog okay..
n not forget to nazira, yela2 ko comel.. (ade ke patut die srh aku tulis die comel)