Just One Step Closer to Working Life

Actually, one week already since I start my practical..
I have to wake up early to go to my practical that take about 30minutes from my home..
(tiap2 pg kena merempit, dh la kdg2 jem.. huhuhu)
The company starts at 8am to 5.30pm (except friday only until 5.00pm)
However, the works only begin at 8.30am..

The company is called ACS (Automation Control System Sdn Bhd)..
It provide service to overhaul the governor..
At first, when I came and they talk about governor, my minds said "What the *tut* is governor?"
Because I never heard about it before..
So, after the brief explanation by the engineer there, the I know what exactly the governor is..
Governor function is to control speed of the motor, or turbine (Wah, mcm wikipedia lak aku.. hahaha...)

In this 1 week, I learn quiet a lot about the governor..
The engineer there very friendly..
Most of them is very experience in this field.
Alex - My supervisor
Abg Dino - The most experience engineer in this field which about 22years, and also the pioneer in the company..
Abg Rahim - Also one of the pioneer which have work about 17years in this company.
Ah Fai & Ah Ping - The siblings who works in this company..
Abg Din - The youngest in the company which is about 5 years, however, he is very experience engineer there with abg dino and abg rahim..
All of them is very happy go lucky and easy to get along too..
However, when it comes to work, they are very serious..
This because, all the part is governor is very expansive, one mistake can cause about may be hundred or even thousand ringgit..
So careless mistake is not allowed..
And the motto for the company also; "Do it right in the 1st time"

1st day;
- Just brieffing about the company and also get the company uniform and get along with all the engineer.
- Abg Din explain to me about the principal of the governor
- Read about some books about the governor.

2nd day;
- Abg Din explain and also shows me how the procedures in the company if the governor came in.
- I also take part in the paint removal, disamble of one of the types of governor which is PGD.

3rd day (I like this day);
- One of the boss of the company came, treat all the worker to makan2 (Mkn ikan msk stim ngan abg Din, isterinya, abg Rahim)
- Ah Fei show me on how to disamble the TG-13
- Before go home, boss also treat us Durian
(kenyang giler hr tu.. hahaha..)

4th day;
- Going to Kilang Kelapa Sawit in Kota Tinggi with Ah Fei

5th day;
- Learn how to diassamble the PGL governor.. (Doing all the works from paint removal to inspection with the guide by abg Rahim..

It quiet of fun working there.. Hope I can get as much as I can for my experience in the future.. =)

p/s: x byk gambar, internet lembab



~rukia_kuchiki said...

wah...dr gamba ko, aku dh nmpk sinar2 mechanical engineer di masa depan..hehe ^^

"...Mkn ikan msk stim ngan abg Din, isterinya, abg Rahim).."

-ko tau x, ms aku mula2 baca, aku cm tekejut sbb isteri abg din ialah abg rahim..? GAY ke apa?
pastu bila aku bc byk2 kali, br aku fhm..hahaa

p/s : perghh.. report praktikal utk 5 hr tuh.. blog ko skrg dh jd log book plak ye? hehe

ShOoT_mE said...

sbb isteri abg din keje kt situ gak...
aku logbook pn x tulislg, ko dh tulis ke?

::aMaD:: said...

hebat siot..haha

~rukia_kuchiki said...

aku tulis siap2..everyday..takut lupa.. n mls nk tangguh2...lgpon bknnye ada bnda sgt nk buat lps abes keje slain membuta..hehe