AnGeLs & DeMoNs reviews

This film directed by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks as the main actor.
The story is taken from Dan Brown's novel.
It is actually the sequence from The Da Vinci Code which Tom Hanks act like Harvard symbologist, Professor Robert Langdon.
The story is based in Rome which there are the conflict between the Vatican and their long-swear enemy which the illuminati.

For me, the story is just an average action movie, which the main actor just find the clue to search for the true.
However, the interesting part is how its relate all the clue and the symbol to find the answer.
It also shows a Vatican tradition when the Pope is dying on how the ritual or event that occur after that.
So, I will give 3stars from the 5..



::aMaD:: said...

wow..rendah gak rating ko..
aku tak tgk lagi..dan xplan nak tgk..
hehehe..sbb cte die mcm kristian2 sket..xtau la..sbb trailer die mcm tu..huhuhu

ShOoT_mE said...

die mmg berkenaan dgn kristian..
event die psl pope mati...
okay la, nk best x gak, nk kate x best x gak.. average la..